Monday, September 22, 2008

Great Sunday(21-Sept-08)

This sunday will remain as one of the best sunday in my life. It become so special because I attended one of the best workshop on personality development. Which was conducted by Viveka Hamsa and they named it as Hanate[Light].

There were many speakers and they blossomed the occassion with their knowledge source.

It was held at N.M.K.R.V Auditorium-Mangala Mantapa. It was scheduled from morning 8:00am to evening 6:00pm. I reached the arena by 7:45,there had arranged for breakfast. After having breakfast I stepped in to the auditorium. Programme started with reciting Sri Vishnu Sahasrama(which is trend in all Ramakrishna Mutt programme) from disciples of Mutt followed by that we had Bhajans form Sri Swami Swarthatma Nandaji Maharaj.

Them programme officially started by lightening the lamp(which is Indian Culture) by Sri Swami Harshanandji President of Ramakrishana Mutt Bangalore. While addressing the gathering(1200+) he cited that
"Clarity of Understanding is more important than marks"
"Avoid Imitation mania"

Following that we had a talk on the topic "Responsibility of Youth in Nation Building" by Swami Japanandaji. Than we had a tea break.

After that we had a talk on "Positive Thinking" given by Prof.Sri Raghothamma Rao. He gave some tips to be positive those are
- Keep Smiling
- Be Proactive
- Be enthusiastic
- Always be cheerful
- Have faith
- Always be calm
- Always be communicative
- Always be Creative
- Develop good sense of Humuour

Than we had a talk by S.Shadakshari[Kshna Hottu Hani Muttu fame] on time management. He gave some simple timps for time management:
1. Prepare To-Do List everyday in the morning
2. Fix some time for each activity in the list
3. Prioritize the tasks.
4. Plan for days/weeks ahead.
5. Carry a small size note books.
6. Desire befor you start doing things.
7. Keep improving.
8. Use some time saving facilities
9. Respect your parents
10. Be far from time killing hobbies.

After that we had a talk on "Prosporous Society-Safe Country" by Chakravarthy Sulibele. As soon as he stepped on to the diaz the students gave him a warm applause for more than 5 minutes.

As soon as he started speaking some sort of unknown power started flowing in the auditorium. That is why he got huge fan following.
Than we had a delicious lunch. Following that just for a change from the routine talks we had a mucic concert by Music director Sri Praveen.D.Rao and his team. It was mind blasting performance....
Than we had a talk by Sri Hiremagalur Kannan[known as Kannadada Pujari, Kannan Mama] on the topic " Life is a candle". I will write one more article about him...
Following that we had a talk on "Simple_Living-Extraordinary_Enlightening" by Paramapujya mathaji Vivekamayi...
We came to the end of the wonderful programme... We had aarthi(puja at the end) and prasada...

Chanting of Vishnusahasra Nama from Ramakrishna Mutt Seers

Bhajans from Sri Swami Swarthatma Nandaji Maharaj.


Chakravarthy Sulibele


  1. HI,

    HANATE 2009 is on Monday 21st Sep 2009. Do attend . Pl. send me yoru email Id so that I cans end full deatils or call em on 98452 37337

  2. the programme is unforgettable......hey guys.....dont miss out the next hanate which is sometime in oct 2010......dont miss out ha?.......