Saturday, September 20, 2008

Affect of Inflation on Peppermint

Recently I had been to an exhibition which has put up a sale in our area. I went to buy some gift articles. While I was coming across each shop (there were more than 50 shops of varieties), I used to see wide range of collections. The one shop which dragged my attention was the condiments shop. I saw so many varieties and finally I picked of a Peppermint packet (small piece of chocolate, which you don’t get in super markets) . I thought it would cost us around 5 bugs but when I asked the shopkeeper he said it is 15 bugs (for hardly 30 pcs). I was shocked...

When we were kids (i.e. when we were in 5th or 6th standard) we use to buy the same peppermints for 10ps each. Later I realized this might be the affect of Inflation. This is a major concern all these days.

I just wanted to remember my childhood days. I bought that without having a second thought. We enjoyed not because of its taste but coz of memories…


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