Thursday, March 20, 2008

Journey with a Cute Girl

Usually, I love to travel in our BMTC buses(even when it is crowded), because I will get a chance to see different kind of people. Unfortunately yesterday one girl sat next to me with her father. (Approximately she would be 4yrs old). Her name was Kavya. I love to play or talk with kids ,we had a very good conversation, it was like this:
Me: yenamma nin hesaru (what's ur name)
she: Kavya (with cute smile :) )
Me: schoolige hoghtiya (Do you go to school)
she: howdu (yes)
Me: yav schoolu ( which school)
She: kannada cool (means Kannada medium)
Me: nimm school elli irodu ( Where is your school located)
She: nam mane athra ( near to my house)
Me: nim mane elli irodu ( where is ur house located)
She: nam cool athra (near to my school)
Me: yen yen heli kodthare nim teacheruu( what your teacher teach U )
She: a,b,c,d, 123, a,aa,e,ee
Me: aata helkodalva ( dont they teach U games)
she: hoon, helkodtare ( ya, they teach)
And I got my stop, I ended the conversation by saying bye. She smiled and asked what's Ur name. and she invited me to her house ( "Uncle" namm manege banni).

Nice Play- Home Rulu by T.P.Kailasam

After a long time I had been to watch a play at Ranga Shankara ( I astonished when I saw the long queue in front of theatre. I am happy that ppl of Bangalore still have the interest in Drama culture. After 10min spent in queue I stepped into the theatre where in the entrance they said "sir mobile switch off maadi".
It was like double damaka offer for me because along with the play we had an opportunity to listen to T.P Kailasam songs.
Before the start of the play, we had an introduction about Sri T.P.Kailasam and followed by songs sung by Sai Thejas, songs were "Nannu Kolikeranga","Tipparahalli balu doora" and "Kashigodha Namm Bhava".
After that the play started , from the beginning till the end we could't stopped laughing, such an excellent performance from Antaranga Artists.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Today I was on cloud nine

Hello Pals... I would like to share this happy moment with you.. I am feeling so happy because, the student for whom I wrote the exams as a scribe has got his results and he scored 78%.( A blind student who is doing his B.A Psychology final year). Every normal person should feel proud of his achievement.

Worth Watching Video- Facts about India

With Living Legend Kannada Filmstar Ashwath Sir

If you are a Kannadiga, it's for sure that you will be knowing him for his great acting. Well know as Chammanna mestru of Nagarahavu fame. I am very thankful to my friend Sumithra( My M.Tech Classmate) who took us to his home on 08-march-07 (fortunately on his 80th birthday). The day which I never forget in my life. I astonished by seeing his simplicity even after reaching that level.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Village...

I am proud to say that I came from the family of agriculturist. Because I enjoyed my childhood with the nature not with artificial toys. I born and bought in a village called Ballur. The place which taught me A.B.C's of life. The place might be unknown to the world as if now. But one fine day the name will be flying with high-colors with the global recognition.
Here is the link to view my village:,77.791974&spn=0.002203,0.003616&z=18

YFS visit to SVYSA

Hi.. Here is the link for the pics taken at SVYSA(Swami Vivekananda Yoga Samasthe Anushtana) a.k.a Prashanthi Kuteeram. Which was an wonderful experience for all the volunteers of Y.F.S on outing...
Click here for pics :

Another name for Spirituality...

Hi everybody, it was a great time being at Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama for awhile. I found extremely serene environment in this city. If possible please visit once.

My new friend...

I would like to introduce my new freind.. who entered recently into my life. I had a passion about learning Indian Musical instruments. So I started with Violin.

Few hours with Living Legend Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar

It was an electrifying moment when 90yrs old person walking like 20yrs young boy. He his none otherthan Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar. The name known to the entire world.

To know more about his achievements please visit:

Why they are special???

Here are some pics I have taken at Aarambh-08 and DSI-CSR-Fest, state level sports meet and cultural fest for specially abled children.

They are special because, they are gifted with some extraordinary talents, which the ordinary people doesn't have..

I was so thrilled to see my children performing act for "Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage".

They Don't need any Sympathy, they need a support.

I request you to serve the special children and provide an oppurtunity to exhibit their hidden talents.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Salute to Women on D occasion of Women's Day

I salute all the women who contributed to the development of this country and also I extend my salute to all the women who played their critical roles and made me what I am today.

Please read this article :