Monday, October 6, 2008

Journey with Students......

It's yet again a great Sunday(05_Oct_08) of my life. As part of our Nature Club activity we planned to have bird watching trip. We decided to visit Kokkare Bellur a bird sanctuary in Mandya District (its 80km from Bangalore). So we started our journey at 6:00am along with 60 students. We stopped for breakfast at Kamat hotel. For the first time in my life I saw the different hotel environment. The speciality of that hotel was the waiter's dress code, they were wearing a purely Indian Customs(Dothi,Kachha Pizama, Gandhi Cap).

Fortunately I met my Yoga Guru Sri Raghavendra Shenoy Ji and Sri Chakravarti Sulebele at the restaurant.

Then we re-started our journey. We reached a place called Tyloor Lake. There we had a introductory talk by our Secretary Sri Narayan Manay on Bird Watching Methods. I got to know so many things from that...
I knew that there are 1200 bird species in India. We found out 42 species on this trip. My students were so en thrilled and humble to know many things about birds. Than we moved to Kokkare Bellur. Unfortunately we could not find any birds there. Because it is not a Migration period for birds(Dec-July is the period).

So with a sad faces we retained our journey. On the way we found a canal of Cauvery River. Our students wanted to have some fun there. So we all got into the river with the help of some villagers ( we are thankful for there support). They had a wonderful moment out there.

Than on the way back to Bangalore, since we all were hungry we braked for Lunch at Hotel Indraprastha. After having lunch I fell sleep. We reached our college at 4:00pm. All students were happy with the trip.


  1. Namaste Naveen,
    Your Blog is too good.
    the master head itself is very impressive.

    Chetana Teerthahalli(

  2. Namaste Chethana...
    Thumba Dhanyawadagalu..

    Vande Matharam