Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barefoot Yogi---Journey from Bangalore to Kanipakam

Kanipakam is a village near Chittoor in Andra Pradesh. There is a Lord Vinayaka Temple. I am fascinated about that holy and sacred place. I often visit there alone. This time I accompanied with Srinath(My Brother).

To have different experience this time I decided not to wear footwear. So we started our journey in the early morning 5:30 on 26-Oct-08. We reached Central Bus Station by 6:30, we sipped cup of tea and got into bus. It took us 4 hours to reach Chittoor from there its again 20minutes bus journey to reach the holy place.

Since it was Sunday there was unusual Crowd in the temple. There was three separate queues one for free darshanam, another for 10Rs Darshan and the special one for 51Rs payers. Since I was not interested to bribe god we got into free darshanam Q. It took 2hrs to have Darshanam. I also clicked some pics of kids whose heads being shaved (Which is a belief in South India, Giving hairs to god before having first hair cut). Its nice to see lots of shaved heads (not only kids even elders will...). After finishing darshanam we did some shopping and after having lunch we left Kanipakam.

It was nice experience walking all around without footwear.......

Front view of the temple

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