Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nice Play- Home Rulu by T.P.Kailasam

After a long time I had been to watch a play at Ranga Shankara ( I astonished when I saw the long queue in front of theatre. I am happy that ppl of Bangalore still have the interest in Drama culture. After 10min spent in queue I stepped into the theatre where in the entrance they said "sir mobile switch off maadi".
It was like double damaka offer for me because along with the play we had an opportunity to listen to T.P Kailasam songs.
Before the start of the play, we had an introduction about Sri T.P.Kailasam and followed by songs sung by Sai Thejas, songs were "Nannu Kolikeranga","Tipparahalli balu doora" and "Kashigodha Namm Bhava".
After that the play started , from the beginning till the end we could't stopped laughing, such an excellent performance from Antaranga Artists.

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