Thursday, March 20, 2008

Journey with a Cute Girl

Usually, I love to travel in our BMTC buses(even when it is crowded), because I will get a chance to see different kind of people. Unfortunately yesterday one girl sat next to me with her father. (Approximately she would be 4yrs old). Her name was Kavya. I love to play or talk with kids ,we had a very good conversation, it was like this:
Me: yenamma nin hesaru (what's ur name)
she: Kavya (with cute smile :) )
Me: schoolige hoghtiya (Do you go to school)
she: howdu (yes)
Me: yav schoolu ( which school)
She: kannada cool (means Kannada medium)
Me: nimm school elli irodu ( Where is your school located)
She: nam mane athra ( near to my house)
Me: nim mane elli irodu ( where is ur house located)
She: nam cool athra (near to my school)
Me: yen yen heli kodthare nim teacheruu( what your teacher teach U )
She: a,b,c,d, 123, a,aa,e,ee
Me: aata helkodalva ( dont they teach U games)
she: hoon, helkodtare ( ya, they teach)
And I got my stop, I ended the conversation by saying bye. She smiled and asked what's Ur name. and she invited me to her house ( "Uncle" namm manege banni).

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