Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visit to Kumata

On 10-July-08 along with 7 other friends I started my journey at 8:00pm. Since, we were on sleeper coach I couldn’t peep in to the outside world. After a hour journey we thought we are somewhere near Tumkur. When the driver stopped for some pickups I heard that we are still in the city.
Since I was not feeling well I went to sleep early thinking that the bus will stop for dinner around 11.OOpm. But he stopped around 1:30pm, so I was not interested and I continued my sleep. When I woke up at 6:00 in the morning , I was just amazed by seeing the beauty of the nature. We got down near the hotel were they had booked rooms for us. This is in the outskirts of Kumta. After freshen up we went for a walk. Since we were supposed to attend the marriage of our friend we went to Wedding hall with the help of local transportation.
The climate in the city was too hot coz it was a coastal area. We met few other friends in the hall, and we spent some good time with them. After having lunch we came back to our hotel. I was so sad coz when there is a scarcity of food why the people are wasting lot of food. Few of them went for sightseeing. And few of us had some commitments for the next day, we left Kumta by 6:00pm bus. I hope along with the seats we booked some bed bugs as well. When I was sleeping they started itching all-around. I was fed up with that and I changed 5 seats in my journey. Finally we reached back this concrete city by next day morning 5:00 am. And we disbursed to our places after enjoying a wonderful trip.

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